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Cgroup kernel panic

Hide Table of Contents English English. RHSA — Important: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update. Updated kernel packages that fix several security issues and several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having Important security impact.

The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to crash the system or, potentially, escalate their privileges on the system.

A remote attacker could use this flaw to crash, or potentially escalate their privileges on, a system over a connection with an active AES-GCM mode IPSec security association. An information leak flaw was found in the way the Linux kernel changed certain segment registers and thread-local storage TLS during a context switch. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to leak the user space TLS base address of an arbitrary process.

An attacker with physical access to the system could use this flaw to trigger an infinite loop in the kernel, resulting in a denial of service. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to leak kernel memory addresses to user-space. A patch has been provided, which fixes the bug by incrementing the offset during the leap second itself. Now, the correct TAI is set during the leap second.

Due to a race condition, deleting a cgroup while pages belonging to that group were being swapped in could trigger a kernel crash. This update fixes the race condition, and deleting a cgroup is now safe even under heavy swapping. Previously, the open system call in some cases failed with an EBUSY error if the opened file was also being renamed at the same time. With this update, the kernel automatically retries open when this failure occurs, and if the retry is not successful either, open now fails with an ESTALE error.

Prior to this update, cgroup blocked new threads from joining the target thread group during cgroup migration, which led to a race condition against exec and exit functions, and a consequent kernel panic. This bug has been fixed by extending thread group locking such that it covers all operations which can alter the thread group - forkexitand execand cgroup migration no longer causes the kernel to panic.

An attempt to resolve this problem was made with BZ by introducing a patch that allows VLANs to be registered with the participating bridge ports and adds GRO to the bridge device feature set. However, this attempt introduced a number of regressions, which broke the vast majority of stacked setups involving bridge devices and VLANs.

This update reverts the patch provided by BZ and removes support for this capability.

cgroup kernel panic

Previously, the kernel initialized FPU state for the signal handler too early, right after the current state was saved for the sigreturn function.

As a consequence, a task could lose its floating-point unit FPU context if the signal delivery failed. Once the key has been used and is no longer needed, CIFS revoked it.

This caused key revoked errors to be returned when attempting to refetch the key. This call renders the discarded key invisible to further searches and wakes up the garbage collector immediately to remove the key from the keyrings and to destroy it. As a result, discarded keys are immediately cleared and are no longer returned on key searches.This is the authoritative documentation on the design, interface and conventions of cgroup v2.

It describes all userland-visible aspects of cgroup including core and specific controller behaviors. All future changes must be reflected in this document.

Documentation for v1 is available under Control Groups version 1. A cgroup controller is usually responsible for distributing a specific type of system resource along the hierarchy although there are utility controllers which serve purposes other than resource distribution. All threads of a process belong to the same cgroup. On creation, all processes are put in the cgroup that the parent process belongs to at the time. A process can be migrated to another cgroup. Following certain structural constraints, controllers may be enabled or disabled selectively on a cgroup.

All controller behaviors are hierarchical - if a controller is enabled on a cgroup, it affects all processes which belong to the cgroups consisting the inclusive sub-hierarchy of the cgroup. When a controller is enabled on a nested cgroup, it always restricts the resource distribution further.

The restrictions set closer to the root in the hierarchy can not be overridden from further away. Unlike v1, cgroup v2 has only single hierarchy. The cgroup v2 hierarchy can be mounted with the following mount command:. All controllers which support v2 and are not bound to a v1 hierarchy are automatically bound to the v2 hierarchy and show up at the root. Controllers which are not in active use in the v2 hierarchy can be bound to other hierarchies.

This allows mixing v2 hierarchy with the legacy v1 multiple hierarchies in a fully backward compatible way. A controller can be moved across hierarchies only after the controller is no longer referenced in its current hierarchy.

Because per-cgroup controller states are destroyed asynchronously and controllers may have lingering references, a controller may not show up immediately on the v2 hierarchy after the final umount of the previous hierarchy. Similarly, a controller should be fully disabled to be moved out of the unified hierarchy and it may take some time for the disabled controller to become available for other hierarchies; furthermore, due to inter-controller dependencies, other controllers may need to be disabled too.

While useful for development and manual configurations, moving controllers dynamically between the v2 and other hierarchies is strongly discouraged for production use. It is recommended to decide the hierarchies and controller associations before starting using the controllers after system boot.

During transition to v2, system management software might still automount the v1 cgroup filesystem and so hijack all controllers during boot, before manual intervention is possible. Initially, only the root cgroup exists to which all processes belong. A child cgroup can be created by creating a sub-directory:. A given cgroup may have multiple child cgroups forming a tree structure. When read, it lists the PIDs of all processes which belong to the cgroup one-per-line.

Only one process can be migrated on a single write 2 call. If a process is composed of multiple threads, writing the PID of any thread migrates all threads of the process. When a process forks a child process, the new process is born into the cgroup that the forking process belongs to at the time of the operation.

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If legacy cgroup is in use in the system, this file may contain multiple lines, one for each hierarchy. By default, all threads of a process belong to the same cgroup, which also serves as the resource domain to host resource consumptions which are not specific to a process or thread. The thread mode allows threads to be spread across a subtree while still maintaining the common resource domain for them. Controllers which support thread mode are called threaded controllers.

Marking a cgroup threaded makes it join the resource domain of its parent as a threaded cgroup. The parent may be another threaded cgroup whose resource domain is further up in the hierarchy.

The root of a threaded subtree, that is, the nearest ancestor which is not threaded, is called threaded domain or thread root interchangeably and serves as the resource domain for the entire subtree. Inside a threaded subtree, threads of a process can be put in different cgroups and are not subject to the no internal process constraint - threaded controllers can be enabled on non-leaf cgroups whether they have threads in them or not.

Because the root cgroup is not subject to no internal process constraint, it can serve both as a threaded domain and a parent to domain cgroups. The operation is single direction:.Description karsten. Comment 1 karsten. Comment 7 loqs UTC. Comment 8 wolf UTC. Comment 9 wolf UTC. Comment 14 karsten.

cgroup kernel panic

Comment 18 karsten. Comment 19 salvador. Comment 26 salvador. Comment 27 karsten. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Other show other bugs. Reported: UTC by karsten. Attachments blurry kernel panic : 3. Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

It is running Arch Linux with Kernel 5. I could only take a photo of the panic as netconsole does not log it. I only have photos of the screen.

Since the upgrade, two have crashed randomly, one is stable. The two that crashed are running docker and systemd. Reverting to kernel 5. As above, I have nothing in logs to explain the crashes. Comment 7 loqs UTC Two reports [1][1] [2][2] that reverting [3][3] resolved the issue.

The same commit was introduced in 5. Have been hit by this, too, on a debian system. Machine is running docker and several other services. Reproducible stops working after several hours.

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Tested all kernels up to 5. Downgrading to 5.

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Trying 5. My kernel crashed regularly with 5. They are part of a kubernetes cluster.A subsystem is a module that makes use of the task grouping facilities provided by cgroups to treat groups of tasks in particular ways. A hierarchy is a set of cgroups arranged in a tree, such that every task in the system is in exactly one of the cgroups in the hierarchy, and a set of subsystems; each subsystem has system-specific state attached to each cgroup in the hierarchy.

Each hierarchy has an instance of the cgroup virtual filesystem associated with it. At any one time there may be multiple active hierarchies of task cgroups. Each hierarchy is a partition of all tasks in the system. User-level code may create and destroy cgroups by name in an instance of the cgroup virtual file system, specify and query to which cgroup a task is assigned, and list the task PIDs assigned to a cgroup.

Those creations and assignments only affect the hierarchy associated with that instance of the cgroup file system. On their own, the only use for cgroups is for simple job tracking. There are multiple efforts to provide process aggregations in the Linux kernel, mainly for resource-tracking purposes.

The kernel cgroup patch provides the minimum essential kernel mechanisms required to efficiently implement such groups. It has minimal impact on the system fast paths, and provides hooks for specific subsystems such as cpusets to provide additional behaviour as desired.

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Multiple hierarchy support is provided to allow for situations where the division of tasks into cgroups is distinctly different for different subsystems - having parallel hierarchies allows each hierarchy to be a natural division of tasks, without having to handle complex combinations of tasks that would be present if several unrelated subsystems needed to be forced into the same tree of cgroups.

At one extreme, each resource controller or subsystem could be in a separate hierarchy; at the other extreme, all subsystems would be attached to the same hierarchy.

As an example of a scenario originally proposed by vatsa in. The resource planning for this server could be along the following lines:. With the ability to classify tasks differently for different resources by putting those resource subsystems in different hierarchiesthe admin can easily set up a script which receives exec notifications and depending on who is launching the browser he can:.

With only a single hierarchy, he now would potentially have to create a separate cgroup for every browser launched and associate it with appropriate network and other resource class. This may lead to proliferation of such cgroups. Without this ability, the administrator would have to split the cgroup into multiple separate ones and then associate the new cgroups with the new resource classes. The implementation of cgroups requires a few, simple hooks into the rest of the kernel, none in performance-critical paths:.

When mounting a cgroup hierarchy, you may specify a comma-separated list of subsystems to mount as the filesystem mount options. By default, mounting the cgroup filesystem attempts to mount a hierarchy containing all registered subsystems.

If an active hierarchy with exactly the same set of subsystems already exists, it will be reused for the new mount. If no existing hierarchy matches, and any of the requested subsystems are in use in an existing hierarchy, the mount will fail with -EBUSY.

Otherwise, a new hierarchy is activated, associated with the requested subsystems. This may be possible in future, but is fraught with nasty error-recovery issues. When a cgroup filesystem is unmounted, if there are any child cgroups created below the top-level cgroup, that hierarchy will remain active even though unmounted; if there are no child cgroups then the hierarchy will be deactivated.

No new system calls are added for cgroups - all support for querying and modifying cgroups is via this cgroup file system. Each cgroup is represented by a directory in the cgroup file system containing the following files describing that cgroup:.The cgroup freezer is useful to batch job management system which start and stop sets of tasks in order to schedule the resources of a machine according to the desires of a system administrator. This sort of program is often used on HPC clusters to schedule access to the cluster as a whole.

It also provides a means to start and stop the tasks composing the job. The cgroup freezer will also be useful for checkpointing running groups of tasks. The freezer allows the checkpoint code to obtain a consistent image of the tasks by attempting to force the tasks in a cgroup into a quiescent state. Checkpointed tasks can be restarted later should a recoverable error occur.

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This also allows the checkpointed tasks to be migrated between nodes in a cluster by copying the gathered information to another node and restarting the tasks there. Both of these signals are observable from within the tasks we wish to freeze. We can demonstrate this problem using nested bash shells:. Another example of a program which catches and responds to these signals is gdb. In fact any program designed to use ptrace is likely to have a problem with this method of stopping and resuming tasks.

This allows the bash example above and gdb to run as expected. The cgroup freezer is hierarchical. Freezing a cgroup freezes all tasks belonging to the cgroup and all its descendant cgroups. Each cgroup has its own state self-state and the state inherited from the parent parent-state. This is the combined self and parent-states. When written, sets the self-state of the cgroup.

Shows the self-state.

cgroup kernel panic

This value is 1 iff the last write to freezer. This is the basic mechanism which should do the right thing for user space task in a simple scenario. The Linux Kernel 5.Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen Royal Antwerp FC vs Royal Mouscron Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen Royal Antwerp FC vs Royal Mouscron Football betting is fun, period. Everyday, football fans around the world are actively seeking for websites and platforms that offer accurate predictions and profits over the long term.

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cgroup kernel panic

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